Sunday, April 19, 2020

Lord Of Flies Essays - Social Psychology, Max Weber, Leadership

Lord Of Flies Why do we choose the leaders that we do?: In the following paper, I'm going to attempt to explain why it is that we choose the leaders in which we do. There are many various reasons why we pick certain individuals to lead us. The first one, which is in no relation to Lord of the Flies, is by being appointed. People are often predetermined leaders. One of the most obvious examples of this is royalty. For thousands of years, sons and daughters of royal families are given power when their parents pass on. If both king and queen pass on, and they have no children, then the next closest relative will take power. "In the past, chiefdoms existed in a great number of Polynesian societies on Pacific Ocean islands, such as those that make up what is now Hawaii. Chiefdoms were the first societies to have positions of defined, permanent leadership. Chiefdoms still exist in some places under national governments. For instance, chiefs of the Kpelle of Liberia are political leaders for the country's national districts." Culture," Microsoft? Encarta? Encyclopedia 99. ? 1993-1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Another example of an appointed leader is when a leader appoints someone to a position of power. In this day and age, we do this in our own country. The president has the authority to give members of his cabinet jobs that come with power. In the military, Larkin 2 people are constantly advanced in rank. By doing this, they are given more power and put into a position of leadership. However, this isn't the only way people come into power. Many tribes (Indians, African, Eskimo) have different systems of government. Some have several, leaders others have just one. "Within most tribes, all groups commonly have about equal status. Since every person belongs to a descent group, no one person ranks too far above or below another. In some tribes, however, people known as big men might earn a degree of higher status and respect than others by demonstrating bravery or bravado." Culture," Microsoft? Encarta? Encyclopedia 99. ? 1993-1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This was exhibited by both Ralph and Jack. First by Ralph by him electing to search for the "Beastie" on Castle Rock. He knew that in order to keep his place as the leader, he couldn't show fear. After Ralph was on the jetty, realizing that he might loose any chance of power, Jack soon decides to overcome his fear and follow. The second time was when the boys were climbing the cliff, once again to search for the Larkin 3 Beast. This time, Ralph stayed behind and Jack went first. Jack knew that being brave would get him more respect and put him one step closer to being chief. Thus, by showing their bravery, the boys fought for the position of leadership. And then, there's strength. Strength plays a big part in leadership. In humans as well as wild animals. Many animals live in pacts. Within this group are different classes. At the top of the chain is the leader. For example, take the silverback gorilla. The silverback gorilla is the leader of its group because he is able to take control and fight off enemies. If there is a danger, he will confront it. However, if another silverback comes along, challenges the original leader, and wins, the original leader will abandon the group and live a solitary life. At this time, the winner will take over. Strength has over come weakness, and the winning gorilla is rewarded with power. Plus, within the group, there are two other subdominant male gorillas who receive their power based upon their strength. This is common in many other animals. Gorilla Dynamics," Microsoft? Encarta? Encyclopedia 99. ? 1993-1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Larkin 4 Leaders can become leaders by using their talent. Their talent of talking. Speeches, convincing the masses, ect. Adolph Hitler was a good speaker. Through his methods, he was able to convince thousands of people to follow him. He brought out peoples passions. Told them what they wanted to hear. Gave them someone to blame for their problems. And by doing this, the people choose him to lead them. They believed in him, his ideas, and, for the most part, many of his methods. We pick our politicians because of what they say. Why did the Republican Party choose over ? Because he was a good speaker. With his words he was able to convince his party that he was the right

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